Factory Audit

Three types of factory audits

There are various reasons to have a factory audited. For instance, a company looking for a new supplier often finds out it’s difficult to make the right choice when you don’t have all the cards in hand.  Sometimes the need for an audit comes later, where after some sort of collaboration importers may want to know a bit more about the companies they are working with. Factory audits permit to answer all questions that buyers may have about them and which are all legitimate: size, manpower, production processes and internal quality control.
  • Is the factory able to produce my order?
  • Does it have according size and ressources?
  • Are machines and tools properly maintained?
  • How is it managed and how is quality control performed?
  • Does it comply to social and safety regulations and Child work?

Of course this list is not exhaustive and could be completed by any of your specific request.

By performing recurrent audits with your regular supplier you also ensure there is no drop in quality management after some time of cooperation. It may also help factories to improve and to prepare for certification, it may also help you to verify the certifications they already have by checking key points on site and give a true and accurate status of the facility.



Basic Factory Audit

  • Factory profile & organization
  • Processes & machines
  • Equipment overview
  • Quality system overview



Technical & Quality Audit

  • Factory profile & organization
  • Processes & machines
  • Production capacity
  • Quality management system



Technical & Social Audit

  • Factory profile & organization
  • Social compliance (child labor…)
  • Safety prevention
  • Environmental policy