Packing & Loading Supervision

Container loading process


When the products are ready, their quality has already been accepted, and they are leaving the factory.

What for?

  • To confirm that the right products are being shipped out in the right quantity and the right assortment.
  • To check the container (or truck) condition, and to make sure the products will not easily be flooded.
  • To make sure the packaging is conform to your requirements and can protect the goods during freight.
  • To supervise the loading and/or the transport process — especially for fragile products.

By whom?

A trained QC technician who will be at the desired place at the desired time.

The QCP approach

At this stage, importers should not try to find problems on the products themselves. A final inspection is necessary to check the goods in-depth.
On the other hand, we are able to send a message to the purchaser immediately if an important problem is detected.
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