Product inspection

Three types of product inspections

Product inspections allow to check production at any stage, especially before client sends out the balance payment to suppliers. By performing a product inspection, you ensure that there would be no surprise at destination when opening the boxes.

The inspector would check all your requirements and the specificities of your product, and give a status of your production in the inspection report. The goal is to catch issues and have them corrected, reworked or replaced by factory before shipment as there is no return policy with Asian suppliers, even less so in China. So it is fundamental to check whether the production is acceptable before it leaves the factory. Quality Control Partners Ltd. offers all types of product inspection before shipment.


During Production Inspection

  • When mass production starts
  • Check the first finished pieces
  • Catch problems early
  • Confirm production status



Final Random Inspection

  • When production is over
  • Confirm average quality (AQL)
  • Check packaging & labeling
  • Test safety, function, and fitting



Full Production Inspection

  • During or after production
  • Replace the factory’s QC staff
  • Check 100% of finished pieces
  • Sort the products (good, bad…)