Basic Factory Audit

Basic Factory Audits give importers an overview of a factory. It is designed to replace a 2-hour visit by a purchaser from your team.


Before issuing an order or wiring a deposit: overview of a potential manufacturer.

Picture of a factory audit

What for?

Our basic factory audit gives you an overview of the following areas:

  • General organization and process flows of the facility.
  • Products currently on the lines.
  • Machines & employees.
  • Professionalism: licenses & certificates.
  • Presence of a quality management system.

For factories above 400-500 workers, checking the quality system in more depth makes sense, if you have the budget for it. For such cases, we offer a Technical & Quality Factory Audit service.



Objectives :

  • ensuring that the factory can make your products as promised, with the equipment and the workforce they promised to you.
  • Your decisions are based on due-diligence (“What products can they make?”).
  • Avoid manufacturers who exaggerate their capabilities.

By whom?

A trained technician follows a standard audit checklist (which can contain several checkpoints required by the client).

How much?

From 300 USD per factory in main areas of operations

The QCP approach

  • Small manufacturers generally have no quality system in place, so only relying on an audit would not lead to an accurate conclusion.
    We encourage our clients NOT to base their decisions ONLY on the audit score of potential suppliers
  • Smaller manufacturers are better for smaller orders, yet they tend to get lower scores in this type of audits.
A good complement to audits is background/credit checks (for example, is the company profitable? does your supplier really own the factory?)
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