Final Random Inspection


  • When 100% of a shipment is completed, and it is at least 80% packed, and/or
  • Final inspection in China factoryWhen 30%+ of an order has been completed.

What for?

  • Check the average quality of your shipment (proportion and severity of defects), based on the AQL tables.
  • Ensure the factory respects your specifications and adheres to the approved sample. QCP focuses on the product specifications (aspect, size, functionality) as well as packing and assurance that the ordered quantity is evident. (Quality, Quantity and Packing).
  • Perform safety, function and fitting tests.
  • Randomly select samples to present to the certified laboratory.

By whom?

A trained QC technician follows a checklist based on your product specifications and approved sample.

How much?

From 300 USD per day of work in main areas of operations

The QCP approach

Instead of bombarding you with multiple photos you receive from QCP precise findings along with visual support.  We know timing is crucial and our clients shouldn’t have to ask us many questions to understand the inspection.  Because of “checklist system”, the inspection results are specific and “to-the-point”.
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