Technical & Social Audit


China factory social complianceTechnical & Social Audits take place while evaluating the potential supplier and before issuing the order.

What for?

  • Get a precise idea about the factory’s organization, products, equipment, etc.
  • Verify the factory’s social standard compliance and local regulations in depth:
    • Child labor, legal right to work, non discrimination.
    • Involuntary labor, freedom of association.
    • Working hours.
    • Fire prevention, chemical hazards, protective equipment (in the factory and in dormitories).
    • Environmental policy.

By whom?

A trained auditor, familiar with SA8000 requirements and with local labor law.

How much?

From 650 USD per day of work in main areas of operations

The QCP approach

At the audit’s conclusion, QCP attributes a score to the facility. A scoring standard and goal is not revealed in advance to the supplier to avoid “quickie temporary cleanup” which results in future non-compliant consequences.

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