Production Management

What for?

Sample reviewVarious types of production assistance and improvement:

  • Product Checklist Definition: QCP lists criteria from a technical and production-minded standpoint (checking method, standard and tolerance). It’s a perfect ready-made template for the eventual quality inspection phase.
  • Product Checklist Communication: Translate and explain specifications in Chinese directly with the factory’s technicians. Whatever feedback and insight the factory offers, QCP relays this info to the importer. We provide documentation with the supplier’s signature and stamp showing this analysis took place and was understood.
  • Production Sample and Development Review: QCP obtains samples and, from a technical point of view, determines possible discrepancies based on the checklist and specifications. If necessary QCP will communicate findings to the factory.
  • Purchase Order Review: for those purchasers who don’t have much experience in importing from Asia, we provide feedback on purchase orders and/or contracts.

By whom?

An engineer from our technical service.

The QCP approach

Our clients start on the right foot. They minimize production risks, and they are well on their way to enjoy the cost advantages they are looking for in Asia.


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